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​W E L L I N G T O N

Lions Jerry Whatley, Mike Webb, Phyllis Elsey and Mark Marrs

The new Amarillo Evening Centennial  Lions Club has over 20 members and the Chartering Process has started. Congratulations to the new Lions.

L  I  O  N  S      I  N  F  O

9.07.17 DG Phyllis Elsey and 2VDG Dan Shuman visited the Amarillo By Morning Lions Club last Thursday at the Home Plate Diner on Bell Street.


​Lions Mark Marrs and Bryan Tackett

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Three Judges: PDG Zoie White, PCC, PDG Ray White and DG Phyllis Elsey

​6:30 PM, $5.00 Admission

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Wheeler - Groom Lions Club Visit

​October 26, 2017

DG Phyllis Elsey.

Amarillo Evening Centennial Lions Club

January 16 Meeting at Wellington Lion Club
Program: State Leader Dog Chairman

​PDG John-Paul Burnett

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2 0 1 7

DG Phyllis Elsey.

  September 16 – Tri State Fair Parade – entire district is welcome to       participate with us

  October 7 – Annual Pancake Festival at Tascosa High School 7 am –     noon

  Entire month of December – Bishop Hills Nights of Lights Fundraiser

  December 23 – Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Westgate Mall – entire   district is welcome to participate with us

  March 17 – Beef Steak Fundraiser at Embassy Suites 6-11 pm

August 31, 2016

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Lion Doris and PDG John Nash of Wellington, left, Patsy and District 2-T1 Governor Robert Bain of Amarillo, Boss Lion Jeff and Janie Thomas of Wellington, 1st Vice District Governor Phyllis Elsey of Amarillo and Lion Leader Dog Chair John-Paul Burnett of Ft. Worth gathered  after Burnett's presentation at the Wellington Lions Club on January 16, 2017.

September 9th all the Lions Clubs in the state of Texas are going to have a "fill the car" (or truck, or Chevy or Ford or whatever) in celebration of our Centennial year. We will set up in a parking lot of your choice and collect non-perishable food items and fill the vehicle. The food is to be donated to a food bank, or food cabinet in your community. (Guesstimate how many pounds and let me know how much you collected.

The Next Saturday, September 16th is the Tri-State parade in Amarillo (time and place is to be determined). We are asking any Club interested in  participating to come join us. (bring your convertibles, Club Sweetheart, whatever. After the parade, we will have a picnic in the park for the kids that went to Camp this year. Let us know how many will be attending, and/or bring your own food.

581 pounds of food collected

​April 7, 2018

Hi Plains Food Bank

MD2 Council of Governors Meeting - February 4, 2017​