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January  Newsletter

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January 24, 2020

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9 March 2020

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​​​Happy New Year, Lions!
I hope you and your families had a great holiday season.  It's hard to believe that we are halfway through this Lions year.  We have all had multiple projects and I hope they have been reported to LCI showing how active your clubs have been this past Fall.

It has been busy for me as well.  I have visited all of the clubs in District 2-T1 at least once, and I was excited to see the quality members as well as the numerous activities we have in each club. The efforts we made in October to start a new club in the North Heights area of Amarillo is coming together very nicely, and we will celebrate their charter night on January 24th at the Mid-Winter Cabinet Meeting.  So far, they have 33 members signed up and are shooting for 40 members by charter night.  What a way to start!  They have several projects already planned.  Watch out Amarillo Downtown--They may become the largest club in Amarillo!

 Please note the attached agenda for our Mid-Winter Cabinet Meeting including registration information.  Help us welcome our new club!  We really need to have more current members attend than the new club, so please attend if you can do so.

 Also attached are the forms for our Opportunities for Youth contests that will be held at our District Convention on April 24-25.   Thank you, Katharyn Wiegand, for your leadership on this project for the district.

 As District Governor, my focus for the next quarter is Texas Lions Camp.  We can sign up campers now!

 Trish Wilson was here in 2-T1 this Fall, and boy, did she and Lion Mike Poole stir up interest in the camp.  Now is the time to make those conversations turn into actions to get a bus full of children to attend camp.  Maybe we will need more than one bus.

 I still have a goal to build 1-2 clubs at Pantex.  Originally, the new club build for Pantex was scheduled for next week.  We will be pushing that date to February or March so we can give our full attention to the new club in Amarillo which has chosen the name of Amarillo Community Lions Club.

 Please distribute this information to your members via e-mail or print.

 In Service,

Dan Shuman

2-T1 District Governor