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May 19-20, 2017  SanAntonio, Texas

DGE Phyllis Elsey installs, PCC, PDG Ray White as the 2017 into the 2107 Texas Lions Hall of Fame 

  I believe we have everything organized for the Coat & Shoe at Sears on November 12th at 1:30pm. Please help get the         word out to the various clubs this week for volunteers to come and help shop with the kids. We have a large group-57         children this year. So we need all the volunteers we can get. We will start gathering at 1:30 at Sears (South Door). If a           club sponsors a Leo club, please invite them to come help too.

    Hope to see you all there.
    James W Anderson
   Judge, Randall County Court at Law #1
   2309 Russell Long Blvd., Ste. 132
   Canyon, TX 79015
   Ph 806-468-5551
   Fax 806-468-5695

​                                                                                  NOTES FROM THE GOVERNOR

 What a whirl wind of activity these past few weeks have been. The International Convention was amazing with over 30,000 Lions in attendance  from all over the world. My DGE seminar group had 31 Lions in it from the US, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Philippines. It was so great  to interact with Lions from all over the world and to hear about the same struggles that all Districts have.

 So many new programs are being implemented for the new Service Framework, but programs that are so needed. The service projects that we as  Lions will be working and serving in are Environment, Hunger, Vision with 2 new added projects, Diabetes and Pediatric Cancer. Youth is being  served through all of the service framework so youth will not be a separate service project. Our Texas Lions Camp services all of these projects,  but our community projects need to encompass these areas as well.

 Our District ended up the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 with a net gain for the first time in many years. It is my hope that we continue to grow our clubs  which will in turn grow our service to our communities. The new platform of the new International President Dr. Naresh Aggarwal is “The Power  of We, The Power of Service, and The Power of Action.” When we join hands, problems become smaller.

As we move forward into this new second year of service, lets all join hands and increase the Power of WE!!

 As I visit the clubs in District 2-T1, Please let me know how I can help you to grow your clubs and in turn increase your community service  projects. If we will market our clubs and advertise our community projects, more people will want to be involved. We need to celebrate our  Service and make sure that our communities know what we do. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!! That is the key. Send in your  projects, fund raisers, and any other activities that your clubs do so that we can get it on the Web-site and share it with everyone in the District!  PDG Jim Wilson will except anything that you send in from your clubs and get it on the Web-site.

 I look forward to visiting the clubs in the district and getting to know each and everyone of you! Let Celebrate and Serve our communities....THE  POWER OF
DG Phyllis Elsey
 Calendar of Events:

 July 22 – First Cabinet Meeting – Borger Texas, 300 W 6th St, 79007
 August 3 – 6 – Council of Governors – Kerrville, TX
 August 11-13 – Leader Dog – Rochester, M
 October 4 – 8 – Centennial Celebration – Dallas
 October 21 – Second Cabinet Meeting – Boys Ranch
 January 26 – 27 – Mid-Winter Conference – Hereford Tx, Queens Contest
 April 20 -21 – District Convention, Amarillo, TX


Lion Leaders,

 Attached is some info for the Tri State Fair Calf Scramble Scholarship program that our District adopted as a new project.  I will be getting a video out to you guys to show your clubs, explaining more about the program, as I do not have enough time to get to all the clubs before the fair in September. 

 I am needing help getting this info into the hands of 4-H and FFA members who are the participants and recipients, so if you know any please pass this on.  Your local Ag teacher and County Extension agents are great contacts to get this info to as well.  These individuals are great new member prospects.  What a great sales pitch to approach them saying we Lions are supporting a program that benefits them and the kids they work with. 

 I am very excited about this project and please ask me any questions and give any feedback I want this to be good for all involved. 

 We would gladly accept any donations to the scholarship as well. 


Cody Chandler 
Farmers Insurance 
205 E Park Ave 
Hereford, TX 79045-4305 
806-364-7676 (Office) 
806-220-9422 (Mobile) 
806-364-8090 (Fax) 
http://www.farmersagent.com/cchandler ​

District Functions
Kevin Cox <kacox1@buffs.wtamu.edu>
 Hello all,
This is Kevin Cox with the Amarillo Downtown Lions Club. I am emailing regarding the upcoming fair parade. I think it would be really cool to have a lot of members and different clubs in the district to attend and be a part of the parade. We already have a spot reserved, just don't know where that is yet. This is a free advertising opportunity for the lions club, especially if we get a lot of members to join. If you don't think you can walk it, we will have a trailer. We can always add to that if needed.
There will be a picnic afterwards so please let us know if your club wants to join and about how many so we can have an idea and plan. Feel free to bring anything you want, contributions to help at the picnic are always welcome. 😊
Email me or text or call with questions or ideas. 806-670-3380
Thanks so much!


​  Notes from the Governor........................

  August was a very eventful month, lots of good things and lots of bad things.   I   visited several clubs and was very impressed with their activities and their    members.  I was  able to visit Amarillo North, Lake Tanglewood, and Amarillo Tascosa.  I attended the First Council of Governors meeting in Kerrville and had  the honor of attending an informal  meeting with our new International President, Naresh Aggarwal from Delhi, India.  I also went to Rochester Hills, Michigan,  and toured the New Leader Dog Facility.  They had  just received 5 new puppies that were just adorable.  We were given a presentation by 2 trainers on how  they begin the training process.  They had Golden Retrievers, Golden  Labs, Chocolate Labs and a German Shephard.  What a great job they do for such a  worthy cause.  1VDG Cody Chandler and Lion Lindsay were also in attendance.  It was a  great trip.

  I attended a meeting of the District 2T1 Eye Bank Board.  They have an awesome group of Lions that work hard at getting applicants for their sight saving  surgeries.  We, as Lions, need to work hard at finding more applicants.  Lion Jim Reeves, Region 1 President, is available for programs.  He can be contacted at jimrcom@yahoo.com, or his cell  (806) 330-2267.

  PDG Lila Vars, District GLT, held a leadership training session for her club, the Canyon Lions, and I was privileged to attend.  She is an amazing trainer and we  hope to      schedule more training sessions.  If your club is interested in going through some great training, please let me know and we will work to set it up.

  As I am sure everyone is aware, Hurricane Harvey has destroyed so much property and displaced so many from their homes that help is needed.  Any Lion or  Lions Club can   send monetary donations in several ways.  The MD-2 Council of Governors have set up the following: 

 Texas Lions Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
  c/o MD-2 Texas Lions
  PO Box 294509
  Kerrville, TX 78029
  Please be aware that M-2 is a 501(c)(4)

  Texas Lions Foundation
   PO Box 64881
   Lubbock, TX 79464
   TLF does have a PayPal Account setup

  You can also send TLF donations to PDG Ryan Hodge at
   TLF  c/o Ryan Hodge
   320 South Polk
   Suite 100
   Amarillo, TX 79101

​     LCIF
    300 W 22nd ST
    Oak Brook, IL 60523

  The District had a booth at the Crimestoppers Antique Car Show along with the District Eye Bank.  I was joined by PDG Jim Wilson, Lion Valerie Locke, Boss Lion Linda          Peirce, Amarillo Lonestar Club, Texas Lions Camp Director Lion Jerry Whatley, PDG Virgil James, Lion Larry James and Region 1 Eye Bank President Jim Reeves. 
  We had a lot of good exposure with lots of interest in our programs and also possible members. 

  We will have a “Fill the Truck” for the Food Bank on Saturday 9/9 at Walmart at Arden Road and Coulter.  Please come by and donate
​  non-perishable food items.  We need all   the help that we can get. So, Please join us.  We will be there  from 10 a.m. until 3p.m.

  That is all for now, but there will be more to follow…..



District Governor
​Phyllis Elsey

2017- 2018

Notes from the Governor:

What an awesome Cabinet meeting we had in Borger Saturday, July 22, with 47 Lions from 12 clubs attending.  1VDG Cody Chandler presented a new project possibility for the District:    “SWEET BRAN”, a non-profit 501c(3) organization, which is a Calf Scramble that supports the 4-H and FFA youth of the Texas Panhandle during the PRCA Rodeo at the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo.  A motion was made with a second that the District give 1VDG Cody the okay to begin the process of involving the Lions of District 2T-1 in this worthy endeavor.  Lion Jerry Whatley,Lions Camp Director, with the help of PIP Jimmy Ross and PDG Ryan Hodge auctioned off 2 Texas Lions Camp T-shirts for a total of $463.00.  What fun, what participation! 

PCC Ray and PDG Zoie White, Centennial Coordinators, discussed the upcoming Centennial Celebration October 5, 6 and 7 at the Hyatt Regency/North in Richardson, Texas.  How great would it be if hundreds of Lions came together to celebrate our 100 years of service.  There is still time to get your registration forms in and make you hotel reservations.  September 7 is the cutoff date for the special rate of $79 at the Hyatt Regency/North Hotel.  The registration form for the Celebration is on lionsdistrict2-t1.org web page.   Please make your plans now to attend this special time in the Lions History!   

I would love to participate in any fund raiser or service project that your clubs do!  Let me know when something is coming up and I will do my best to come and be a part of your service.  PDG Virgil James of the White Deer Lions invited me to participate in the White Deer Rodeo Parade, so I will be there on Saturday, July 29.  I will be riding in the parade!

The Tri-State Fair is coming up and we would love to have as many Lions as possible participate in the parade on Saturday, 9/16.  Check your calendars and make plans to come.  Email me or PCC Ray White if your club is interested.  Wouldn’t it be great to have every Club in the Panhandle represented?

There is a new free MyLion app which is available on both the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.  This is a great social media tool for the individual local clubs to utilize in order to organize their events and activities.  It also allows Texas Lions to get a glimpse at activities and events from around the globe.  Check out www.mylion.org for more information.

 My upcoming schedule is as follows:

7/29 - White Deer Rodeo Parade

8/2 – Amarillo North Lions Club

8/3-5 – First Council of Governors Meeting – Kerrville

8/10 – Tulia Lions Club

8/11-13 – Leader Dog

8/17 – Lake Tanglewood Lions Club

8/18 – Amarillo Tascosa Lions Club

9/7 – Amarillo By Morning Lions Club

9/16 – Tri State Fair Parade

 More info to follow…..


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