November schedule of Club visits……..
Oct 30 to Nov 4  Childress start new club
5th  Tulia Charter Night
7th  Darrouzett
10th  Follett noon  Wheeler 6:30 pm
11th  Canadian
14th  Stratford
15th  Spearman
16th Gruver
17 th  Friona
22nd  Dimmitt

December visits……………………….

6th  Silverton
19th  Quitaque

​If anybody wants to join me on a visit
let me know so I can let that club
 know for the meal count. 

DG 2-T1 Lion Robert Bain
979 332-0284 (C)

Notes and observations from 99th International Convention

We had a great time at the convention.  We left on June 19 and got home June 30 at about 12:30am.  The trip home was LONG.  31 hours from hotel in Fukuoka Japan to home in Amarillo.  I reposted a bunch of pictures from Patsy’s facebook.

During my training sessions the underlying theme was LEADERSHIP.  Not just for DG but for all Lions.  Emphasis was given to LCI web site.  All officer positions at the District and club level is described.   One graphic that stayed with me is: Great training leads to great leaders leads to great clubs leads to great Lions leads to GREAT SERVICE to our communities.  I know you have to read the information and maybe study some areas but its there to help all Lions become better at the position we hold and to be better leaders in our communities.  Go to the Member Center and look around or type a search for what interests you.  It’s very useful information.  Go there and play around,look at all you want or are curious about.  You can change or hurt anything.

 Another area of benefit is My LCI.  You have different levels of access.  Club Secretaries and Club Presidents have the most access.  They are able to do all the monthly reports on line.  I can look at the reports but can not change any of the information.  You may be able to look at club information and some district information.  It allows other club officers to look but not change also.  Again go there and play around you can not hurt anything.

 Remember the 1st Cabinet meeting is July 23 at Virgil Henson Activities Center WTAMU Canyon 9am.  Officer training will be presented.

We will have a very special guest, Council Chair TJ Tijerina.

Every Lion is invited to come but let me or PDG Bill Craddock know the week before so we will have enough food for lunch.  

When I finish the agenda, I’ll post it on for review.  If you want something added to it let me know before July 20th.

 HAPPY 4th of July and reMember Texas.

 “Where there’s a need there’s a Lion”


​​We Serve​

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Zone Chairs: please send me your report if you do not plan to attend.​

2nd Cabinet meeting Oct.22, 2016....AGENDA
 1.       Prayer  Lion Chris Benson

 2.       Pledges  2nd VDG Cody Chandler
 3.       Song  PDG Bill Craddock
 4.       Introductions of PDGs and other guest    1st VDG Phyllis Elsey
 5.       New Business
           Approve Budget 
 6.   Old business
 7.   Committee reports
 8.   Zone reports
 9.   Parade of checks for Coat and Shoe Fund
10.   Adjourn
11.   Lunch at dining hall
DG 2-T1 Lion Robert Bain
979 332-0284 (C)

​​.Change of date:  Bus will go to camp on June 25,2017.
This change is due to summer school being finished.

DG 2-T1 Lion Robert Bain
979 332-0284 (C)


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CALENDAR: July 20, 2016 – Installation of Borger Lions Club Officers.
Also we will be having the organizational meeting for the new Tulia Club at 7:30 am on the 20th.  PDG Ronnie Martin State GMT and I spent this week getting new Lions signed up and will have about 30 at the meeting.  I am very encouraged about this new club.  I think they will have an outstanding club.  Once again I have had to ask Lions Ray and Zoie to be the Guiding Lions.

If we are going to have 2 new clubs in Amarillo and a new club in Childress then we must have some new Guiding Lions.  Please answer this call for help.  We need and must have Lions step up to this position,  Please help your District grow.
DG 2-T1 Lion Robert Bain
979 332-0284 (C)



CALENDAR  .........................................................................................

DGE 2-T1 Lion Robert Bain
979 332-0284 (C)
July 5-Perryton
July 11- Hart
July 19-Nazareth
July 23- 1st cabinet meeting  Canyon/WTAMU
July 27- Sunray
July 30-Aug 7- Kerrville Take grandson Ben to Texas Lions Camp and attend 1st          Council of Governors Meeting.
7-26 Amarillo Downtown
7-27 Sunray
7-28 Tulia
Aug 8 Bovina
8-15 Wellington
8-20 Sunray Fun Day
Oct 22 2nd cabinet meeting at  Boys Ranch
Oct 28-29 2nd COG in Waco
Nov 1st week New Club in Childress with GMT- State Ronnie Martin
Nov 5 Tulia Charter Night. All are welcome. 6:00 PM, Senior Citizens Building,
​619 S.E. 2nd, Tulia, Texas

Nov 13 Coat and Shoe shopping at Sears in Amarillo
Jan 28 Mid-winter cabinet meeting:  Guest speaker Lion Trish Wilson of Texas Lions Camp.  If you do not know Lion Trish you will be amazed at the level of energy she will bring to our meeting.  She will be worth the time and effort to come.​
       Also we will have Secretary training by PDG Bill Craddock. 
I encourage all the district's secretaries and treasurers to attend
Meeting to be held at the Virgil Henson Activities Center on the WTAMU campus.


District Governor Robert Bain and Partner in Service Patsy



LIONS - It's Time To Report New Club Officers for 2017-18

To: rebain48@


​Bus to Kerrville - Texas Lions Camp

Happy New Year
Message from the kitchen table
Calendar update:

 January:  week of April, PDG Lion John Paul-Leader dog State Chairman will be in 2-T1  the week of 23-28 Lion Trish Wilson from the Lions Camp will be in 2-T1 
If you want to know which clubs will be visited by these two Lions please contact me.

January 28th Lion Trish Wilson will be our special guest  speaker at the Mid-Winter Cabinet meeting which will be at the Activity Center on the WTAMU campus starting at 9 am.  PDG Bill Craddock will also be holding a Club Secretary training session.

We will try to give both plenty of time so I ask for all committee reports to be sent to me early in the week and I will print out the reports and place copies on the tables.

 February:  2-5 I'll be at COGs in Kerrville.  As always all Lions in MD2 are invited to attend the COG meeting. 

 April 28-29 2T-1 District Convention.

Convention Chair Lion Henry Wyckoff has made arrangements with the Oasis Baptist Church to be the convention site.

PDG Ray and Zoie are getting things ready for an outstanding Queens contest. 

I hope that every club that has a Queen will be represented. 

PDG Lion Lila Vars and PDG Bill Craddock will have training for Club officers.

Lion Gary Merriott (DistrictTail Twister) is working to have a Tail Twister Taste of

2T-1 contest "meal" on Friday night.  Hopefully all the clubs will participate in this friendly competition.  I can envision pieces of steak from Adrian, BBQ from Dumas and Sunray, hamburgers from Dimmitt , Friona and Wheeler, "german burgers" from Follett  and Homemade Ice Cream from Wellington.  We should find out the crowd favorites for "bragging rights" in our District.  

All Lions in 2-T1 are invited to attend.  

 I still have not visited all the Clubs in the District but I will before the District Convention.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.


DG 2-T1 Lion Robert Bain
979 332-0284 (C)

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2016 - 2017

  • 0:25
  • Amarillo By Morning2:17

DGE Bain notes from the dining room table 5-9-16

As many of you were told by my wife, Patsy, during the District Convention, I have turned our dining room table into my Lions office.  I have things about International Convention, new 2-T1 cabinet meetings, and have started getting the 2016-17 directory together.  The District Cabinet dates are:  July 23 at WTAM  training will be offered for club presidents and vice presidents  also the new directories will be passed out to club officers;

2nd Cabinet meeting will be at Boys Ranch with a parade of checks for the Coat and Shoe fund;

3rd Cabinet meeting at WTAM with training available to club secretaries.  Training for club officers or anyone who is thinking of running for a club office.

All meeting will start at 9am.

District Convention 2017 will be in Amarillo on April 28&29,2017.

More information will be coming to all lions by way of this web site.

ANOTHER CONCERN:  If you want an updated and accurate District directory then your club secretary must get the PU101 filled out and submitted to International.  To date 8 clubs have done the 101 and a big THANK YOU goes out to those secretaries.  The printer (Dumas Printing) must have all information from me before I have to go to International Convention on June 19,2016.  The printing must be finished before the 1st cabinet meeting on July 23.


Another big THANK YOU goes to PDG Lion Jim Wilson for posting and updating this web site.  If you or your club has anything you want to post, please send to PDG Wilson

As all who attended the 2016 District convention will agree a good time was had and training was very helpful.  Training was lead by PDGs Lila Vars and Bill Craddock.  The meals were all very good.  PIP Ross gave a very inspirational keynote address.  The highlight of the convention as always were the Queens.  All the Queens did a great job and all were great ambassadors for our clubs.  The District Queen for 2016-17 is Amarillo Downtown’s Queen Par Len Tial.

ReMember Texas and be sure to “ASK ONE” because we have great clubs and more members means more fun for the future.

DGE Robert Bain  979-332-0284 ©  .